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Quiet Mind Herb Capsules

Natural Support for Racing Thoughts and Worry, Helps to Calm Mental "Monkey Chatter"

  • Support for Anxious Worry & Nervousness

  • Promotes a  Calm in Times of Excitability

  • Use code STAYWELL_15 for  15% Off

Herbal medicine is not a one size fits all approach.
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At one time or another, most of us experience occasional worry or nervousness that we just can't shake off. Maybe it's the constant stream of bad news we get from the media. Or a fear of public speaking. Often it comes with distracting mental chatter – what Buddhists call "monkey mind" – and a hand-wringing sense of unease.

It doesn't take much to upset our routine. Even a little mental turmoil can prevent us from being our best selves and doing our best work. It can also lead to poor sleep, or ramp up to become full-blown panic attacks.

Quiet Mind formulas were created to support a healthy mental state and balanced emotions. They contain only the finest natural ingredients long used in traditional medicine to encourage a calm, relaxed mood and turn down the volume on intrusive, racing thoughts. Available in fast-acting Quiet Mind Herb Drops and long-lasting Quiet Mind Herb Capsules.

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Back in Action™ Series Herbal Remedies from Herbalogic


Do you have occasional aches, pain, and inflammation in muscles, joints, and connective tissues? Who doesn't? But there's no need to suffer. Herbalogic Back in Action formulas contain a natural blend of corydalis, turmeric, and nearly two dozen other herbs used traditionally to support faster recovery from minor damage due to overwork, exercise, and injury*  

Traditional Buddhist wisdom says, "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." There is a great inspirational nugget at the core of this simple saying. Back in Action Herb Drops and Back in Action XT Herb Capsules help support the body in its natural recovery process rather than simply masking pain.*

The basic formula for both comes from a Shaolin Temple scribe who rescued the recipe from a fire more than a century ago, but it was used long before then. It was developed by a group of kung-fu fighting, warrior monks to speed the healing and recovery of bodies overworked or injured during training or battle.

Back in Action XT contains more turmeric and corydalis to provide greater effect on inflammation and muscle soreness.

Use code STAYWELL_15 for  15% Off

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Decompress Series Herbal Formulas


Feeling angry, frustrated, and tense? Herbalogic Decompress and Herbalogic Decompress MX provide natural, plant-based support for a healthy response to stressful situations that cause irritability, easing anger and irritability naturally.*  

Stress and tension are part of life, but sometimes they can be too much, and damage your phsical health and relationships. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, or being more short-tempered and aggravated than usual, release the pressure with Herbalogic Decompress. This natural stress and tension formula was created to round off the sharp emotional edges, mellow the mind, lift the spirits, and ease tension. Based on one of the most frequently used herbal formulas in the Chinese herbal tradition, Xiao Yao San, its name translates as "Free and Easy Wanderer Formula," evoking the relaxed, stress-free state of a person with no heavy burdens or pressing responsibilities. Wouldn't that be nice?

Decompress Herb Drops are fast-acting, and can be used in the midst of stressful situations.

Decompress MX Herb Capsules provide long-lasting maximum stress relief and support emotional stability. Both provide best results when used daily as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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Solid Eight Series Herbal Formulas for Occasional Sleeplessness


Nothing makes the daily grind bearable quite as much as a good night's sleep. And nothing makes it unbearable faster than a terrible night's sleep. Poor sleep affects mood, memory, concentration, weight gain, immune response and overall performance. Getting a sufficient amount of quality sleep every night might be the single best thing you can do for your health. Solid Eight can help.*

Whether you have trouble falling asleep at the beginning of the night, or trouble staying asleep through the night, Solid Eight can help. These natural plant based products are free from valerian root and safe for nightly use without fear of next day grogginess.

Solid Eight Herb Drops are fast-acting, and can be used either at the beginning of the night or during the night if waking with difficulty returning to sleep is a problem.

Solid Eight Herb Capsules provide longer-lasting effect and are typically used at teh beginning of the night with additional support from the herb drops during the night as necessary. Because these herbal formulas do not contain sedatives, they will not "knock you out" but rather help quiet your brain from the stresses of the day and help you sleep naturally, providing quality, restful sleep.

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