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About Us

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Pure Balance Apothekary

A decade of immersion in plant-based therapies education, creating products, and working as a bridge between patients and doctors led me to learn from clinicians, herbalists, and researchers directly. I began working with Colleen Quinn, internationally celebrated Clinical Aromatherapist and botanical therapeutics educator, on her LabAroma Podcast team several years ago.  

Everyone passionate about plant-based therapy will tell you a story about one plant, one recovery from illness, or a childhood memory evoked by an aroma while walking in the forest or a city that started it all. As the producer, I hear these stories weekly from doctors, nurses, herbalists, clinical aromatherapists, ethnobotanists, and educators about what drew them into the fascinating and increasingly relevant world of plant medicine.

These stories highlight a future where a better synthesis of the strengths of the ancient art of herbal medicine and the undeniable value of Western medicine can complement each other. My story, among many others, is one of those confirming the profound benefit of this collaboration. Chinese herbs, a remarkable local acupuncturist and aromatic plants were integral to my healing. The scent of black spruce in my childhood boreal forest wanderings also shaped me.  


Collaborating with and learning from great people in the field of plant-based therapy has brought me to offer this extraordinary, curated collection of clinicians and product makers who genuinely love what they do. I hope you will take them up on their excellent, informed consultations. They (and I) understand the complexity and synergy of herbal medicine, which is often complementary to Western medicine. A trained guide will save you time and money and get you better results. 


I have affiliated with them for a small fee which helps me continue to offer the latest information and do what I genuinely love to do. When not creating new topicals, producing a podcast, or reading the latest research articles, I love gardening, hiking, playing music with friends, pondering the human experience and meditating.

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