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The bitter, the better

Never Been Bitter™ is your modern digestive formula with tried-and-trusted liver, digestion, and gut health herbs.

Featuring artichoke leaf, an herb that’s been used in the Mediterranean as a liver protectant and digestive support.

Combined with the rare and royal gentian root used in traditional European and Eastern herbal medicine to help the body’s natural inflammatory response and aid in healthy elimination.

Prebiotic fiber-rich burdock and dandelion roots combine to promote healthy elimination and diverse gut microbiome flora. While the inflammatory support duo, ginger and turmeric roots, round out this digestive tonic to bring you back to balance.

  • Stress support

  • Gut, digestion, and liver aid

  • Alcohol alternative

  • Sugar-Free

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Sober Sips Set

Featuring Stop Your Wine-ing® and Take the Edge Off™, this stress and inflammatory supporting mocktail will have you swapping out the booze for bliss this holiday season.


The potent nervine herbs in Take the Edge Off™ help soothe the nervous system while reducing tension in the body and calming restlessness and irritability. Meanwhile, the functional herbs in Stop Your Wine-ing® help decrease stress levels to bring calm and contentment into the mind and body.

Who needs alcohol when you have herbal alternatives that deliver the same bliss without the hangover? This set of three wine-inspired alcohol alternatives features stress-busting adaptogens, nervous system-soothing herbs, and natural ingredients that energize and uplift the mood and body

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