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PureBalance Apothekary

A curated collection of herbal products for wellness

Designed & supported by clinicians embracing a new era 
Approaches to staying well.

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PureBalance promotes a new era of well-being through accessible information and a curated collection of herbal products desirgned by clinicians & scientists.

We believe that trained clinicians using evidence and science based therapeutics are essential to positive outcomes. 

Harness the intelligence of nature.

  • Clean, effective herbal remedies that target the root cause of health imbalances, ease stress, support the gut, strengthen immunity, boost energy, and sharpen mental focus.


  • Made with real, whole plants, no GMOs, fillers, artificial chemicals, and additives.

  • Know you’re getting the most potent version of your herbs – the way nature intended.

Find Your Balance

Designed for contemporary lifestyles, by clinical herbalists. Staying well has never been easier. 



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Elevate your wellness with functional aromas powered by botanical ingredients, free of all synthetics

Fresh sophisticated scents

Formulated for your health

Backed by science

CandaScent is among our favorite brands for its unparalleled dedication to everything we admire: purity, ethos, science, style, and consumer education. 


Create your own home sanctuary with fresh and sophisticated 100% botanically powered aromas, formulated for wellness and free of all synthetics


What We Offer

Live happily, Live healthily

Collaborating with and learning from great people in the field of plant-based therapy has brought me to offer this extraordinary, curated collection of clinicians and product makers who genuinely love what they do. I hope you will take them up on their consultations. They (and I) understand the complexity and synergy of herbal medicine, which is often complementary to Western medicine. A trained guide will save you time and money and get you better results.


Resources to help you understand the basics so that you can optimize your individual needs.


Provide you with articles, videos, books and websites to help you do your own research in order to:


Work with your existing doctor. And 

Tips on how to use your products more cost effectively.


Find a doctor who is trained to work with plant-based therapies. We have a list of reputable medical professionals we recommend.


Help choosing optimal products. 


We can get you started with basic information and experience to begin using plant -based therapies or tailor your existing use.

Meet our favorite botanical way-finders 

“Phyto-therapies such as aromatherapy, and herbalism therapy can be much more nimble than one-size-fits-all pharmaceuticals in addressing the individualized needs of the patient.”

Dr. Ethan Russo, MD,board-certified neurologist, psychopharmacology researcher, and author.


“What most people don’t realize is that the really good practice  of herbal medicine is an entirely different paradigm from orthodox medicine. Good herbalists treat people, not diseases.”

David Winston  RH (AHG) is an internationally known lecturer, author, ethnobotanist

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People started talking about terpenes in regard to cannabis, but few people understand terpenes the way that many aromatherapists do. Every time you plant a seed, it will never give you the same chemistry.

Colleen Quinn, is an internationally celebrated Clinical Aromatherapist, educator. 

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 

8:00 AM – 11:00 PM 


9:00 AM – 10:00 PM 




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